Quality comes first

If you are not familiar with Yoeleo its natural to think “who are they, are they well made, do they meet safety standards” etc? We understand this point of view, so in short the answer is YES! absolutely. That’s why when you buy from Revolution Wheels you can be rest assured we have done all the hard work for you so don’t have to.

There are quite a few direct manufacturers in China you could go to. On the surface of it they look like they are up there with the best of them. But we have found they do not always possess the necessary documentation or proof we require for safety and therefore sale here in the UK.

So what’s so special about Yoeleo?

Yoeleo have a first class testing and safety standards procedure. Not all brands are created equal so its important to understand what you are buying.

We have taken the precautionary steps for you in making sure the companies we work with only supply components built to the highest international safety standards. In addition, that they also undertake a strict in-house Quality Control procedure and external safety tests conducted by independent bodies. See the below short videos and downloadable test certificates for further information.

Strict quality control

Yoeleo build their wheels and framesets to ISO – Standards for details see below:

If you are not familiar with ISO then simply put in their own words: “ISO Standards are Internationally agreed by experts. Think of them as a formula that describes the best way of doing something”.

ISO standards

“Our wheels are built and have passed ISO 4210-2:2014 clause 4.10.1, 4.10.3 & 4.11.6”,

We also have SGS certification under this test standard.

As for UCI Approval, it is done according to UCI requirements.

TÜV Rheinland: frameset tests are under ISO 4210 – 2:2015 CLAUSE 4.8 CYCLES”.

For the standard QC test procedure for wheel building see the below video:

Wheel building QC process:

  1. UCI impact test: 40J (UCI standard) / 80J (Yoeleo standard)
  2. Vertical stiffness test: 300 kgf
  3. Torsion test: 50 kgf
  4. Spoke tension test: 300 kgf
  5. Braking test: High temperature resistance
  6. Road condition simulation test: Distance: 1000km, avg speed: 45 kph
  7. Double stress relief process: Ensures stable and perfect roundness and trueness, eliminating the need for trueing the wheels for a long period of time.

For the standard wheel building process please see the below short video:

Wheel building process:
Frame testing:
  1. Pedaling Fatigue Test: Load 1100N, 100000 Cycles
  2. Vertical Fatigue Test: Load 1200N, 50000 Cycles
  3. Horizontal Fatigue Test: Load 600N, 100000 Cycles
  4. Vibration Fatigue Test: load ST:20KG, BB:40kg, HT:10kg, 30000 Cycles
  5. Impact Test (Falling Mass): Falling height 212mm, frame weight: 22.5 KG.
  6. Rigid Test (Falling Frame): Load ST:30KG, BB:50kg, HT:10kg, 2 Cycles

TÜV Rheinland Certification

Additional testing:

Many of Yoeleo products go through the process of being sent to an independent test house where they are put through their paces to ensure they adhere to International standards. You can learn more about these test houses below:

SGS: Wheels

The company: Testing Services | SGS

Subject: Consumer Goods and Retail | SGS

TÜV Rheinland: Framesets

TÜV Rheinland, are an independent testing house that test, validate, and certificate products for their intended use.

You can learn more about this testing house here TÜV Rheinland – Home | UK | TÜV Rheinland (tuv.com) more specifically here: Services for Bicycles and Electric Cycles | UK | TÜV Rheinland (tuv.com)

Safety Services for Athletic Equipment | UK | TÜV Rheinland (tuv.com)